Ideas for Web Design

Whenever a web designer gets a web design project, he or she will require to take a step back and go through the research process in order to complete the job. The More »

Sources of Inspirations of a Web

I am a web designer. I admit that, it isn’t always easy to find the right design for my clients. The main reason is of course everyone has different tastes. And different More »

Effective Web Designers

A web designer’s life is very complicated. Even though a lot of them work in the comfort of their own homes, they still face the same problems that other workers do – More »

Web Designing For All Beginners

With the ongoing advancement in technology, the web design and development industry is witnessing significant changes in terms of development and increasing popularity. And in this course, websites have come up as More »

Inspire Others With Perfect Web

In our daily lives we all want to see something new and unique in our surroundings, at homes and offices, at shopping complexes etc. And there is nothing wrong with this, as More »

Web Design Inspiration for a New Project

As a web design professional; starting a brand new website project can be a digital magical mystery tour, and in most cases you will have no idea where you will end up and what you shall encounter on your journey. As you meet each obstacle head on you will be challenged to overcome problems that will, over time make you much more of an asset to your web design agency.

Wouldn’t your working life be dull if everything was easy? I am going to take the first tentative steps with you down the long and winding road of website design and build and point out a few basics that will help you on your way.

Client Requirements

Firstly, we have to establish our client’s requirements for their website. This should be done before a single wireframe sketch or image is created. It is imperative to learn exactly what is required from the website and how visitors to the site will react with it. As a web design agency, your clients will want to know what is achievable and what is not. You are the experts

Drawing Web Design Inspiration

As anyone who works in the web design industry will be able to tell you, finding fresh and new inspiration can be challenging. One of the best sources of new inspiration, however, can be found by exploring other cultures that may be all but foreign to you. This will allow you, as a designer, to draw out fascinating and beautiful elements that even the people who live as a part of that culture are unaware of. This article takes a closer look at just some of the cultures that you could be looking into for inspiration:

  • Germany – In design principles and style, the work completed in Germany is actually pretty similar to neighbouring countries, such as Switzerland. There is a heavy emphasis on typography, especially the country’s own traditional fonts (think old, gothic styles).

  • Italy – It can be said that Italy has similar web design principles to other European countries like Germany, except with a more artsy and informal feel. There is a lot of more freedom in the work completed by Italian designers, who also favour the abstract movement.

Web Design Inspiration

So you’re excited about the possibility of building your own website, but aren’t sure where to start, right? Determining a website theme is probably the most difficult part.

There are so many ideas floating around, but your web design inspiration might be limited to just a few sites you’ve visited recently. The good thing about the Internet is you can have a very specific site theme but still reach a broad audience. Let’s brainstorm for a moment to get those creative juices flowing.

Narrow Your Thoughts

Don’t think too broadly about a web design theme. Narrow your thoughts to a subject you enjoy or something of which you have a lot of first-hand knowledge or experience. Think about your favorite hobbies or skills. Just about any skill or hobby you can imagine can be turned into a lucrative website!

As a beginner, it’s probably best to start with a niche website that focuses on one particular subject. A “niche” website usually has one theme, whether it be a well known theme or something that appeals to a very

Ideas for Web Design

Whenever a web designer gets a web design project, he or she will require to take a step back and go through the research process in order to complete the job. The research process is a tedious process, it determines how well, and successful will the result of your web design. Ideas for web design will share with you how to go through that research process smoothly and obtain results.

One fine day, you received a call from some client and he requests you to design a website for his company. Over the phone, he briefly tells you what his company is about and asks about the prices, you then fixed an appointment with him for discussion. You will probably get excited about it and starts to get more details of the company by checking them on Google, and thinks about some prelim ideas for the website. At this stage, your research process has already started.


After meeting up with the client, you get a lot of details that will assist you in your design process.
This details applies even when you are designing a personal website.

1. Nature of the

Sources of Inspirations of a Web

I am a web designer. I admit that, it isn’t always easy to find the right design for my clients. The main reason is of course everyone has different tastes. And different industries have different norms. Below is a non-exhaustive list of sources that inspire me. And help me to better guide my clients.

The first thing I do is a general research. In this research I take a look at the websites I can find in the same industry. This will help me to better understand specific needs of my clients. I also ask my clients to show me websites they really like and show me their competitor websites. I also make sure to ask them the colors they like the most. It is important that the colors they like blends well with their corporate identity. Corporate identity is the combination of their logo and the colors they have already used in their past promotions, advertising materials, business cards etc. I also try to get some idea of what design elements my client likes the most. Design elements are such things as fonts, social media icons, sliders, display of featured work and so and so forth.

Effective Web Designers

A web designer’s life is very complicated. Even though a lot of them work in the comfort of their own homes, they still face the same problems that other workers do – losing focus, failing to deliver work or creating ineffective outputs. If this is you, you need these habits to get you back on track.

Habit 1: Have a Simple and Uncluttered Mindset

Creativity and inspiration begins in the mind. This is why it is hard to create something great if your mind is filled with unnecessary thoughts. If you find yourself constantly trapped in your thoughts, you should find some ways to purge them out of your system. Try meditating or just step back and do something else.

Habit 2: Know the Big Picture

Before you create anything, you should have the big picture in mind. This pertains to the image of how you want your work to turn out. While some artists can work in a freestyle manner, it is still better to have a clear picture of what you want to create prior to starting.

Habit 3: Work or Perish

Once you have the right mindset and you

Web Designing For All Beginners

With the ongoing advancement in technology, the web design and development industry is witnessing significant changes in terms of development and increasing popularity. And in this course, websites have come up as the most convenient and needed choice of tool for selling and making business. No wonder, this tech-inclusion has prompted global entrepreneurs and businessmen to create online strategies for their offline businesses.

Numerous websites and portals have come up, aimed at flourishing businesses, economies, communities, ideas and lives across the globe through the web. So, it becomes crucial to have a brief or glimpse to the realm of web industry. Web designing is considered as one of the major phenomena that has largely influenced the digital industry. And just like the fashion industry, the trends in web development industry too keeps changing unalarmingly. This is why, it is important for developers and webmasters to get themselves aware of the latest trends that would help them strategize their web solutions for better results.

Understanding Web Design In Brief

In simple words, it is a brief interaction between a human and a web-enabled device. The first thing that you see on your desktop screen or on

Inspire Others With Perfect Web

In our daily lives we all want to see something new and unique in our surroundings, at homes and offices, at shopping complexes etc. And there is nothing wrong with this, as we all love inventing new things and to use new products, which inspires us, which influence our lives. With this, the more new we will do, the more people will start to follow us, the more we will start inspiring others. Similarly, we must try to bring changes in web designs of our websites by doing something new, by playing with web design templates, by introducing new colors, by changing the logo, etc. However, if you are a beginner or don’t know anything about web designing then you should leave it on a well established and widely known web design company to do this for you.

Moreover, if you will not hire a well known company and choose to go with a newly established one, you would probably end up on a losing side, as to invent something unique or to produce something which has never been done needs a lot of experience and expertise. And, it is quite clear that a newly launched company

Finding Website Design Inspiration

Website design inspiration can be found in any number of places, from art galleries and instruction books to online showcases and portfolios, just to name a few.

But to tap into one of the most profound and limitless sources of timeless design ideas, you must put down the books, step away from the keyboard and walk outside.

For any and every aspect of design, nature is the true master. After all, what human artist could surpass nature in its ability to mix colors, create textures, evoke emotion and balance form and function?


The challenge of striking the right balance of color and tone can test the mettle of even the most seasoned designer. There are many resources online that can help you experiment with color and try out palettes, but there is no better source to guide you than nature.

Nature has an uncanny ability to blend just the right tones and hues to achieve visual harmony. In the world around you, you can find a perfectly balanced palette to match every emotion, every mood and every purpose.

Drawing upon nature’s palettes can make your website just as unique as the

Web Design Fatigue

A little burnout can cause big problems when it’s time to work. In fact, the creativity involved in designing a web site requires more energy than you think. If you need inspiration, it’s time to get away from the work and find other ways to keep your brain active.

Watching cartoons is an excellent way to get your creativity started. Laughter, excitement and cleverness creates signals to the left hemisphere of your brain to relax. Relaxation is key to managing potential work stress and a few Bugs Bunny/Elmer shows can make a creative person have an epitome. Think about it. Remember how difficult it was to draw graphics for your client this week? Try to draw Bugs Bunny running away from Elmer and then work on your new design.

Visit your local park for a short spurt of excitement. Get on the swings and move your legs around to circulate blood to carry oxygen to your brain. Major body movements can make an impact to your health which can get rid of the fatigue you’re experiencing during your work. Go to the park anytime you want to get in touch with your inner child; you may

Website Design Inspiration Should Make Good

Website design inspiration can be acquired by keeping a close watch and being on top of what’s going on in the world of design. An attractive web design is the cornerstone for traffic that converts to leads.

Well-designed website

Inspiration is the first step to a successful and a well-designed website. However the design inspiration that you or your team have, have to be grounded in reality. It should be realistic enough to make good business sense.

Ideas for a well-designed website can come from studying brands and different businesses, watching how they are using innovative designs for business. Visiting their sites can provide strong source of inspiration and ideas.

Various industry designs

Take note of the websites and designs that you admire, note the sites’ feel. You can get enough inspiration from such designs and use them around your brand when necessary. You don’t always have to look into the designs of your niche industry. Look at various industries and pick up ideas from wherever possible.

Designs from consumer perspective

Create design from the perspective of a customer. It is they who will be buying your product or services and

A Guide To Breaking The Web Design

For an industry that is known for being creative, there doesn’t seem to be much creativity going on with web design these days – everyone is too concerned with what’s “hot” and what’s on trend to focus on trying to inject some sense of creativity into the work. But it’s time for a change – it’s time to break this web design cycle and begin a new one that has creativity at its core.

Direct and Indirect Inspiration

Most designers will focus on direct sources of inspiration, but you should spend an equal amount of time looking at indirect sources, too.

  • Direct inspiration is from any source that is directly associated with the web design field, including CSS galleries, magazines, and so on.

  • Indirect inspiration is from any source that is not directly associated with the web design field, including nature, art, history and so on.

Use the following tips to ensure that your work is the subject of the best inspiration you can find:

  • Get off your computer

  • It is time that designers understood that a computer is not a creative machine – it is a

Inspiration Ideas From Magazine Layouts

When you think about it, web pages – particularly informational ones – aren’t so different from pages in magazines. Websites obviously have the advantage of linkable content, thus broadening the reach of the subject matter and allowing readers to delve deeper into a particular subject, but that doesn’t mean that the principles of print design cannot successfully be applied to web design.

With that in mind, here are just five principles of print page design that can be applied online to really make your web pages stand out.

1. Hero image
They say a picture paints a thousand words; that’s what your hero image should do. As soon as someone lands on your web page, they should know exactly what it is they are dealing with. If you’re a florist, choose a picture of a beautiful bouquet of flowers; if you fix cars, get a picture of someone with their head under the hood of a gleaming automobile. While it may sound like a simple idea, some websites insist on using generic shots of people smiling to try to convey warmth and an approachability. Your hero image should do that: and then some.

2. Typography

Seeking for Graphic Design Inspiration

Establishing yourself as a serious graphic designer can be hard work. But it can be equally harder to continuously and repeatedly reach the expectations of clients that commissioned you to create eye-popping and jaw-dropping designs that they require of you. After all, the works that these clients ordered from you are what make other clients keep coming back. But even as a great graphic artist well-versed in the line of great graphic design, you will always encounter an artist’s block, wherein no idea is coming in. Don’t worry, all artists go through this phase; and when you do, you need to be prepared. Below are some tips to get the right graphic design inspiration.

Inspiration does not come from a computer screen. Close that computer, walk around and try to go out and look at the world. As a graphic designer, you probably spend more than half your day situated in front of the computer. By simply walking out of your office building, you can acquire more raw information about the outside world, wherein design actually thrives in. Taking a break from all the stresses of the workplace can also ease your mind, giving you a more

Web Design The Quest For Inspiration

The web is filled with incredible works of art. Beautiful graphics, stunning photography, awesome motion, slick animation and sometimes all that put together, to create that one website that leaves everyone breathless. These days web designers are a dime a dozen. Any sane person that can follow a couple of tutorials and invest in some software can create their own website. But as a web designer myself, the difference is very visible between those who’s pores leak of creative juices and those who design cause they got nothing better to do. In no way am I degrading those who lack that creative edge, but actually applauding those who do. For many, web design started of as a hobby or branched off other creative arts like making music or painting or even creative thinking. It’s awesome that someone can express his or her creative originality through a productive outlet such as Web Design.

But like all things, even creativity sometimes runs out and we find ourselves looking at an empty white photoshop document trying to get inspired. Frustration builds up, and that’s when we quit designing and open up our favorite first-person shooter and let it loose baby.

Web Design Inspirations

A good website is indeed a virtual way of reaching the perspective customers. A good, fully functional and widely trafficked website helps in boosting sales by attracting more number of leads and thereby producing higher conversion rates in this present digital age. However, a vast number of website even today posts broken links on website or it being outdated, unfriendly and also visually unattractive. It is thus the need of the hour to have a good website wholly functional and user-friendly.

There are certain characteristics that define how an ideally good website should be. These features elaborate as to how it can help in promoting the branding of the product/service the organisation has to offer. Also, adequate targeting of perspective customers can be done through a good and interactive website. There are seven key features which contribute significantly for a good website. They are briefly mentioned below.

  1. Design: The design and the layout of the website must be simple and easy to navigate. It must be loaded with good quality pictures and videos which really help in holding the attention of the viewer. The best websites are usually visually appealing and hence is used effectively to

Inspiring Web Design Portfolios

Being a web designer, you’ve all probably seen those outstanding portfolios designed by your competitors and always look back at them for inspiration. I’ve got a few that really inspire my work because the designs are modern, popular and have a great user experience. There’s so many amazing portfolios, but I’ve decided to pick out 5 of my favourite ones that I always look up to in no particular order:

Ben Sky

A very inspirational portfolio by Ben Sky, a freelance web designer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. He designs websites to a very high standard in terms of graphics, functionality, optimisation and accessibility. All his work is compliant with the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). It is indeed a long checklist to go through but it’s not as complicated as it looks. There is software out there that can assist with website accessibility testing as it is a big area in the design field.

He has built his own CMS for his clients known as Skypanel, you will not find a single flaw in work; building websites to high standards such as this does has it benefits.

Nick La

Nick La is

Elevated Web Design

Whether you are a freelance web designer or looking for a salaried position business sense is important. What to wear, what to say, how to price, how to hire; these are all things you will need to know. Below are a few helpful business tips related to the web design industry.

  1. Be Professional

For the freelancer the need for professionalism is as important as in the white collar world. First impressions are everything, if you’re gaining a new client or applying for a job some things are everlasting. You will need to be clean, dressed nice and mind your choice of words and topics. The handshake is important, not too soft not too firm. Looking and speaking in a concise, polite manner is key to executing a great first impression.

  1. Be Prepared

Being prepared isn’t easy, but the benefits are great. First if you’re applying for a job, make sure you have researched everything about it. Going into a job you should know what the job is, if and why you’re qualified and have all of the important paper work and identification. Make sure to have pens and possibly spare paper.

Where To Find Ideas For Web Design

When it comes to starting a project, some have no idea where to start. You need to think about how the navigation is going to be laid out, how text will be styled and how the design will look once its all put together. Here I’m going to explain where to get those mad ideas for the website your clients will just love. There’s no looking in just one place, you need to have a look at a variety of media before you can get some ideas for your design and hopefully get it transferred to paper or your favourite editor.

Web Designer Mag

Get a cup of tea ready and relax, you’re a web designer! Now I believe this magazine is only available in the UK, if you’re somewhere else in the world where you don’t have the privilege to read this magazine you should perhaps go for the next best thing available. I invest in a subscription for this magazine because I just love it. It is packed with amazing websites, reviews, tutorials and the latest web trends. All the best content from the web packed into a little booklet, it’s just great and

Web Design Inspiration in and Around

It happens to the best of us – our creative juices run dry and suddenly we’re without flair, style or income! As a web designer myself, based in Glasgow, I’ve been there. Here, I’ve put together a range of ideas for where you can turn to in Glasgow to get those juices flowing again and find some inspiration.

Even if you can’t get to Glasgow, I’m sure you can apply these ideas to find similar sources if design inspiration in your nearest city:

  1. My first port of call in for web design inspiration in Glasgow is generally Buchanan Galleries. Whenever I’m shopping, I tend to find myself paying more attention to the marketing styles and techniques on display than to the products themselves. You can gain a wealth of ideas by analysing how other companies are marketing their products and services, particularly if they are in the same industry as your project is. Glasgow city centre has another major shopping centre and also three major high streets.
  2. If your web design is to be less retail oriented and more industrial, then I’d highly recommend taking a wander down to the Tennants plant, where huge silos