Experienced Film Crews Can Supplement Regular Crews

Time truly is money when making a film. The pressure to have it completed on time is immense. The pressure to have it done within the original budget is even stronger. Careers are made and broken based on the success of a film.

When delays cause a production to be behind schedule, hiring experienced local film crews can help. Doubling up on crews allows scenes to be shot in different places at the same time. The film can still be completed on time.


Crews are available on short notice if necessary. Hire them for one day, one week, a month, or longer depending on the needs. A project manager is included when a crew is hired. Scheduling issues, details of the format, and selecting the right crew for the job are all taken care of by that person.

The size of the crew is dictated by the customer. If only a director of cinematography is needed to cover an illness or emergency, one will be provided. A small crew, a full crew, a camera operator, or a lighting technician is custom-selected to best match the needs and preferences of the customer.

Save Money on Secondary Shots

Offices are located in most major cities and regions around the globe. That short fantasy or dream sequence in Italy will be shot at a fraction of the cost normally expected. Request a local crew to get that accomplished and save a small fortune on travel expenses.

Views from the plane as it lands in a specific airport will take very little time and money when shot by temporary professionals. The actual scenes are usually filmed on a sound stage, so there is no need for actors to be present. If a stand-in is necessary for the back-of-the-head shots, one will be there.


Members of the crew are required to have at least ten years of experience in the field. Those with experience filming interviews will be used for filming interviews. Commercials, still shots, product photography, and conferences are all filmed by people who have filmed similar projects.

Go online or call to explore the possibilities and get quotes for the project. Compare the costs with those of filming everything with just one crew to determine how much time and money will be saved.