Inspiring Web Design Portfolios

Being a web designer, you’ve all probably seen those outstanding portfolios designed by your competitors and always look back at them for inspiration. I’ve got a few that really inspire my work because the designs are modern, popular and have a great user experience. There’s so many amazing portfolios, but I’ve decided to pick out 5 of my favourite ones that I always look up to in no particular order:

Ben Sky

A very inspirational portfolio by Ben Sky, a freelance web designer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. He designs websites to a very high standard in terms of graphics, functionality, optimisation and accessibility. All his work is compliant with the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). It is indeed a long checklist to go through but it’s not as complicated as it looks. There is software out there that can assist with website accessibility testing as it is a big area in the design field.

He has built his own CMS for his clients known as Skypanel, you will not find a single flaw in work; building websites to high standards such as this does has it benefits.

Nick La

Nick La is a very successful web designer at works under the name of N.Design Studio. He create great content, tutorials, websites, networks and popular CMS themes. He’s based in Toronto and is extremely skilled in graphics design; mainly vector graphics in Illustrator which adds that special touch to his work. These websites preview beautifully on a wide range of mobile devices like Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

Kev Adamson

Kev Adamson is very original and specialises in a wide variety multimedia design including illustration, web design, graphics and animation. He has a unique touch to his work which has helped him win so many awards. Awards are the only way to go when you want to make it big as a freelancer, it shows you have out-performed everyone else and that you are an elite designer within the community which will attract you all the clients you can imagine. Nevertheless, I like how his website is easy to use and everything you need is on one page instead of separate ones.

Ella Design

And last but not least we have Ella Design. With her passion to start building on her HTML5 and CSS3 skills, she has designed a one of a kind website which is very appealing – with the right browser that is. We know well that it is not fully supported by all browsers just yet as it looks best in Google Chrome. But with the effects on the clouds floating in the background and other various features, her work could become quite popular. Being an early starter using code that is not yet complete can have its consequences as the W3C validation service constantly work on updating their service and code can become invalid in an instant. It is still definitely a portfolio to feature.