Web Design Fatigue

A little burnout can cause big problems when it’s time to work. In fact, the creativity involved in designing a web site requires more energy than you think. If you need inspiration, it’s time to get away from the work and find other ways to keep your brain active.

Watching cartoons is an excellent way to get your creativity started. Laughter, excitement and cleverness creates signals to the left hemisphere of your brain to relax. Relaxation is key to managing potential work stress and a few Bugs Bunny/Elmer shows can make a creative person have an epitome. Think about it. Remember how difficult it was to draw graphics for your client this week? Try to draw Bugs Bunny running away from Elmer and then work on your new design.

Visit your local park for a short spurt of excitement. Get on the swings and move your legs around to circulate blood to carry oxygen to your brain. Major body movements can make an impact to your health which can get rid of the fatigue you’re experiencing during your work. Go to the park anytime you want to get in touch with your inner child; you may find some inspiration hidden in your swing across the monkey bars.

Take pictures of interesting buildings. Buildings have distinctive layouts when you view their locations in a city. Tap into your spatial awareness by focusing on certain angles of a building to catch the shadows on a city block. Challenge your inner photographer to emerge; you may find some great buildings to include in a professional web design for a prospective client.

Have you ever worked with water-based paints? Buy a large poster board and water-based paints from your local art store. Go to a quiet place and place all of your paints and poster board where you can lay across the floor without interruption. Are you ready to get some real inspiration? Finger paint.

Keep the process simple by using your hands, water-based paints and a large white poster board. Draw anything you want with your hands, laugh, play and enjoy yourself. You may find that letting go of some of your worries for an hour is just what you need to create an amazing website.

Participate in web design competitions. Competition brings out the best in us. If you can find a web design competition online, enter to win. Take a weekend or a week to complete your submission for prizes. If you notice yourself facing a challenge head on, you will start approaching each project with a new mindset; the change of energy and involvement could strike a sense of creativity you are missing.