Web Design Inspiration in and Around

It happens to the best of us – our creative juices run dry and suddenly we’re without flair, style or income! As a web designer myself, based in Glasgow, I’ve been there. Here, I’ve put together a range of ideas for where you can turn to in Glasgow to get those juices flowing again and find some inspiration.

Even if you can’t get to Glasgow, I’m sure you can apply these ideas to find similar sources if design inspiration in your nearest city:

  1. My first port of call in for web design inspiration in Glasgow is generally Buchanan Galleries. Whenever I’m shopping, I tend to find myself paying more attention to the marketing styles and techniques on display than to the products themselves. You can gain a wealth of ideas by analysing how other companies are marketing their products and services, particularly if they are in the same industry as your project is. Glasgow city centre has another major shopping centre and also three major high streets.
  2. If your web design is to be less retail oriented and more industrial, then I’d highly recommend taking a wander down to the Tennants plant, where huge silos stand in parallel columns with crazy arrays of pipes channelling between them and 1000’s of metal barrels are stacked up ready for use. It’s an impressive sight entirely visible from the streets in the East End of Glasgow, and may just kick your web design into shape.
  3. Or perhaps you’re struggling to make your web design’s colours pop. If so, take the opportunity to go and buy some flowers for your girlfriend (or drag your boyfriend to buy some for you!). The array of colour in a well-stocked flower shop is exquisitely and come away with stacks of ideas. Glasgow’s full of such shops – specifically, there’s a good wee store on Sauchiehall Street, and another on Byre’s road.
  4. If the layout of your web design is the problem, visit to the University of Glasgow’s main building or Glasgow Central Station. The architecture of such structures can really help bring that level of interest and originality to your web design – Glasgow’s full of super architecture.
  5. Or perhaps it’s the basic look and feel, your web design’s theme. If it’s a contemporary or modern site, take a few hours out to visit Glasgow’s Science Centre down by the Clyde river. If you’re needing a more traditional or artistic theme, try the Kelvingrove Art Gallery just behind the University of Glasgow’s Main building. Or perhaps you’re requiring a younger look for your website, or a grungy feel, in which case take a wander through Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park and find the popular skate park, generally full of ‘louts’ doing incredible things on skateboards, blades, and bikes. Glasgow’s parks will also work for green / natural web designs