Web Design Inspirations

A good website is indeed a virtual way of reaching the perspective customers. A good, fully functional and widely trafficked website helps in boosting sales by attracting more number of leads and thereby producing higher conversion rates in this present digital age. However, a vast number of website even today posts broken links on website or it being outdated, unfriendly and also visually unattractive. It is thus the need of the hour to have a good website wholly functional and user-friendly.

There are certain characteristics that define how an ideally good website should be. These features elaborate as to how it can help in promoting the branding of the product/service the organisation has to offer. Also, adequate targeting of perspective customers can be done through a good and interactive website. There are seven key features which contribute significantly for a good website. They are briefly mentioned below.

  1. Design: The design and the layout of the website must be simple and easy to navigate. It must be loaded with good quality pictures and videos which really help in holding the attention of the viewer. The best websites are usually visually appealing and hence is used effectively to entice customers to explore the company and the product/service being offered. There is a particular reason as to why designing plays a critical role in building the website as it contributes significantly in branding and thus creating a vast customer base.

  1. Content: Ideally, a good website is much more than just being visually attractive. Once, the customer is lured to the site by the design element, it will require good quality content in order to sustain them with it. The content of the website must be carefully chose and strategically written properly describing the intricate details of the product/services being offered.

  1. User-friendly: The easy navigability and its user friendliness of the website contribute to being the key aspect of running a successful business website. In today’s world, the online buyers expect that the website should be easy to access and thereby locate adequate content in minimal time and less number of mouse clicks.

  1. Multiple browser compatibility: In this mobile dominated world, it is essential that the website must be highly compatible not just with particular browsers but with multiple ones. Also, its ability to open easily through the mobile would be an added advantage. Since most people own smart phones, easy accessibility is an absolute must.

  1. Social Media: Promoting the website on social media or linking it with social networking sites works wonders for them. People are relatively easy to reach out to and also targeting the customer base can help significantly in boosting sales. Social networking sites have gone to a high at a completely different level and must be promoted thoroughly.

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